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Have you ever faced the problem of inappropriate academic and career opportunities in your daily lives? Do you also face a problem with the offline model of education? We also faced similar problems in our professional lives. So, we came up with the solution, Escafate. An online learning platform for the visually impaired community. We help them to develop themselves by learning new skills, and by providing them internship and professional career opportunities. It was established by two friends in the winters of 2019 to make the world a better place for the visually impaired community. The journey was difficult though, but our dream to provide you a new vision kept us moving. We emphasize both the factors - learning and fun, simultaneously. We believe learning doesn’t need to be boring, it should be fun and fruitful at the same time.


Helping Visually Impaired learners achieve their dream careers by providing them with live certification courses, CV, and Personality building workshops with practical experience.


‘It’s not what the vision is, it’s what the vision does.’ With a vision to help you grow in a steady and responsible environment and to position, strengthen and make you prominent in your areas of expertise; We aim to help every specially-abled leaner to improve with consistency in life.


What we learn with pleasure we never forget. We provide our learners with a Unique Academic and professional environment that lets them improve themselves in life. We aim at making sessions both interactive and full of knowledge. By helping you specialized in your fields, we aim at making every Specially Abled Learner improve consistently in life and be confident to enter the corporate                                                          world.

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Ishan Jain
Co-founder & COO
Harsh Jain
Co-founder & CEO
Nikhil Tirumalasetty
Chief Marketing Officer
Vedika Salhotra
Head of content

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We believe in life long learning, growth and bringing a change for creating a better society for everyone around us. If you are dedicated enough and want to be a part of a change, we are open for hiring.
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