Become a Financer and Stock Marketer

45 Days

₹1499/- or $29.99


What You Will Learn

Proficiency in Risk Analysis and Return

How to Analyze Finance, Trading, Money & Banking

Sufficient knowledge about Financial Ratio and Statements

 Knowledge about when   and how to Invest in Stock   Marketing

How Indian and Foreign Exchange Market works

Learn about Easy Transactions – Cryptocurrency

Learning Outcomes

    Completion Certificate 

           100% internship assistance

   Kickstart your Career as               Research Analyst

  Apply Investment Strategies      and Earn

Be a part of one of the Leading Domains in India – Stock Market and Exchange
Become a Financial Manager

Course Structure

Week 1:Introduction to finance What is the Money and Banking system? Measures to control money flow What is Finance and Business Finance with examples? Understanding Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss A/C and Cash Flow. Week 2:Business and Company Introduction and their Management and Administration. Ways through which Business or Company make money. Business model and Real life examples Week 3:Initial Public Offerings Terminology before entering in IPO Introduction and process of IPOs Things to check before investing in IPOs Stories of successful IPOs Project: Research into recent or future IPOs Week 4:Investment and Stock Market What is Investment and its characteristics? Introduction to terms like Valuation, etc. Stock Market and Stock Exchange Project: Start Mock Trading Week 5:Online Trading of Security Introduction Three ways to do Online Trading Terminology of the market like Buyback , Stock split. Introduction to Cryptocurrency and its transactions. Week 6:Financial Analysis Fundamental Analysis using ratios. Stock Valuation Technical Analysis Project: PESTLE Analysis of a Company

Frequently asked Questions

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No, because we are committed towards the people with disabilities, rather you can help us by applying for volunteering with us as per your skills.

We are committed to providing 99.9 % accessibility to people with disabilities, so live sessions will be held on an accessible video calling platform called Google Meet.

We will provide you with the best professional course instructors who will be proficient in their given domain.

Keeping in your convenience, the admission application process will be very simple:

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