Become a Business Communicator

45 Days

₹1499/- or $29.99


What You Will Learn

Effective Communication skills

Command over Tactful Communications – Body Language

Confidence in Yourself while Presenting Something

 Thinking Critically and             Analyzing Situations

Open to Criticism and Make Decisions Confidentially

Adaptation to how to work In a Team

Learning Outcomes

          Completion Certification
           100% internship assistance

  Apply all the knowledge on        Yourself and Grow Yourself

  Kickstart your career as an          Personality Development            Trainer

Be a Part of Private Sector when Soft Skills are Highly in Demand
Managing Time and Productively Using it

Course Structure

Week 1:Starting with Fundamentals Basics of Business Communication and Soft Skills Hard Skills VS Soft Skills Developing Self Confidence Project: Tell us your story Week 2:Types of Business Communication Professional Mails and Reports How to Network Efficiently? How to make an Ideal Presentation? Types and Ethics of Meeting Week 3:Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Decoding an Effective Leader How to lead and resolve conflicts? Understanding different point of views Learning Interpersonal Skills Week 4:Workplace Management The basics of Business Etiquette Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Work Ethic Learning how to design Code of Conduct for your Team Project: Design a Code of Conduct Week 5:Grasping Workplace Tools How to Analyze and take Decisions Developing Problem-Solving Skills Getting ideas for Project Management Forming purposeful communication with feedback navigation & communication planning Week 6:Next Steps Creating a LinkedIn Profile Interview tips and tricks The art of Public Speaking How to Keep Learning

Frequently asked Questions

We believe Learning has no limit therefore there are no eligibility barriers on courses we provide. Anyone from any age group can pursue the courses, there is no educational/academic background required.

No, because we are committed towards the people with disabilities, rather you can help us by applying for volunteering with us as per your skills.

We are committed to providing 99.9 % accessibility to people with disabilities, so live sessions will be held on an accessible video calling platform called Google Meet.

We will provide you with the best professional course instructors who will be proficient in their given domain.

Keeping in your convenience, the admission application process will be very simple:

You have to fill a sign-up form for the course which you want to pursue, then you will receive payment details through mail and Whatsapp, and after paying you can start learning.

If you are fulfilling the criteria, as ESCAFATE provides the fastest refund policy, you’ll get a refund in 2-3 working hours.

Yes, only if you fulfill our criteria in T&C*, our representative will reach you and verify your details and documentations. The procedure can take up to 15 days.